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Friday, February 14, 2014


Have been to Taipei with my favourite girls last few weeks, the weather was just nice, not too cold :)

1st stop : Ximen Ding 西门町

招财狗 (fortune dog) is doing his job to attract customers, so cute!

Ximen-ding is a nice place to eat and shop as well, and if you are a big fans of bubble milk tea, please look for wushi-lan 五十岚. We naik kereta a lot of time because we just simply whack any bubble tea shop as we thought all of them are the same but it's not!!

2nd stop : Taipei 101

We went up to the wrong train so ended up we walked for don't know how many kilometers, really far 

Photoshoot while resting haha

Funny pose with Taipei 101, we didn't go up to the tower 

3rd stop : Lung Shan Temple 龙山寺

As a Christian, I don't mind to visit a temple as long as I am faithful with Jesus. Amen! So don't judge!

L'oreal : faster pose! 
Me : I am ready!
Kea : Yiak Ajuma! Don't poke me with you umbrella!
Weena : I didn't! Wanna fight ah now?
Evelyn : hmmm what should we eat later...
Lisha : Wah drama drama

4th stop : Shilin Night Market 士林夜市

胡椒饼 ( pepper bun ) taste quite nice, a lot of people queuing up, so you won't miss it for sure

5th stop : Bei Tou Hot Spring 北投温泉

Photo boomed by an Ah Pek

It feels like a place where kungfu panda comes from haha

6th stop : WuFenPu 五分铺 & RaoHe Night Market 饶河夜市

Didn't take photos with my camera there because we were busying with shopping. Just head over there if you are looking for really cheap clothes and bags.

Taipei is a tourist-friendly place, convenient transportation, they can speak simple English and they are friendly with tourists. 

This is our first annual girls trip, many more coming! Yay

Your truly, xx