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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


hmmp...where to start huh?

congratulation to Sherman!!
I've been invited as a guest for his studio opening ceremony
Met lots photographers there, like...Alan, Max, Anson, Valen and etc. :D
actually was planed to go there with my hottest babe, April Lim
but due to some college thingy, she couldn't attend
sad case :(
oh ya...met Agnes and another 2 girls also
since I was already there and the studio set up was ready as well,
I did have some fun shooting with them
thanks for the compliments from them~ happy happy
and special thanks to Toki who sent me there :)

after that, I went 1U a.k.a one utama :D
just walked around, window shopping around LOL
and I purposely went 1U for something
it's a secret as well :)
then I decided to go Sunway to meet a stupid
before I getting off to sunway, a stranger came over to talk with me while I am waiting for a cab
what the hell~ damn scary men~
he keep talking and I just keep shaking my head
OS: go away you bastard!!!!
sorry for my rudeness, but it's true, damn annoyed lahhh
well, it's passed, so just forget about it

finally I reached Sunway :)
yea, not anywhere else
KimGary again!!! LOL
we have a very long and nice talk
it's a secret~ shhhhhhhhh

next station would be....deng deng deng deng...(shit! hold on, what is the studio's name d?)
erm...erm....izit strike nation?
goshhh, I already forgot
AD, don't whack me!! I promise I remember it nest time k? :P
and yes, met a lot handsome guys there
the faces are just small case
their body shape is COOL O.0
I'm not pervert!! I'm not~

Honestly, too many things happened among these few weeks
I cannot handle it well anymore
so I chose to ignore it
I am smart, right? :P
well........I know I'm not
coz I still care about it and blog it out LOL

Sorry my buddies if I made u all worry about me
I'm doing well :)

wondering what is going on to me?
you guys know what, I don't like to tell out my sad feeling
I'm not LC or whatever you guys think of me
just that.....will I feel better if I tell out everything?
the answer is NO, it doesn't help (for me lahhh)
so what for I share my sad stuff and darken your days?
I don't want make anyone recalls their sad memories just because of reading my blog
and I am an easy-going person, I have my own way to relief myself besides telling everything to my buddies
and yea, I am really doing well now
everything comes around goes around
life is short, live your life
i take it as a challenge, I will be a better human-being after being through all of this
I believed and I am believing.......

hey YOU, I have your words
"prove it"
so............ :)

night people
thanks for reading my blog again