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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

No internet? No problem! with Samsung NX Mini

I like to take pictures with my camera because the photos are clearer and it looks more professional #kiasu lol

But I always take photos with my phone (the camera is…….) because I can upload the photo straight away #kiasu again lol

Now, there is a camera that you can take a nice selfie and also upload it straight away from your camera.

You can find my previous post for Samsung NX mini here.

Samsung NX mini comes NFC photo beam.
Samsung NFC Photo Beam lets you transfer photos with a just a quick touch. Simply tap your camera on any NFC-compatible smartphone to automatically share the image you’re viewing.

Besides NFC photo beam, Samsung NX mini also comes with another super cool function which is Wi-Fi 

The wi-fi function allows you to connect your phone to the camera, you can also control your camera via Samsung Smart Camera app in your phone.

Do not worry, it’s very easy to connect your Samsung NX mini to your phone.

Step 1 : Download the Samsung Smart Camera application from Play store or App store.

Step 2 : Select the photo that you would like to transfer and share via Mobile link function.

Step 3 : Search and connect your phone to your camera via wi-fi.

Step 4 : Run the Samsung Smart camera app after your phone is connected to your camera.

And, you’re done! Select and transfer your photos now! You can find them in your camera roll.
Now, we can share every moment with our friends, family and followers J

Here's some of the photos I shared from my Samsung NX mini


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Health Tips : Spotted Fats


Today, I am going to talk about a very frequent question that people asked,which is "how to reduce fats on a specific area"

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chezz Technique Hair Salon

Shopping or eating dessert makes girls feel good and what make me feel good?

Having a nice hair colour and smooth hair make me feel good!

The first thing I did after winning Jasmine Cover Girl Search 2014 was dying my hair lol.

And thanks to a friend of mine, Mandy who now based in Korea, she introduced Chezz salon to me so I decided to give it a try.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jasmine Cover Girl 2014

I believe most of my Facebook friends already know that I just won the Jasmine Cover Girl search 2014 from all the photos around the internet which were posted by my friends and photographers :)

But what you guys see is only the pretty photos and I thought maybe I should share some of the inside stories.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review : Benefit "They're REAL! Push-up Liner"

I always prefer gel liner than liquid eye liner or pencil eye liner because I like the matte texture of the gel liner.

However, gel eye liner usually come with a brush and I always lose it. That's the only thing I don't like about gel eye liner.

But BENEFIT solve my problem!

They are now having "they're REAL! push-up liner", it looks like a liquid eye liner but actually it's a gel eye liner pen! How cool is that!

There are 3 key points of "they're REAL! push-up liner" :

  • For the easiest, portable application EVER!
  • True matte black, long lasting and smudge & water proof
  • The AccuFlex tip!

What is the AccuFlex tip?

The custom AccuFlex tip hugs your lash line for bigger-looking eyes in seconds. The soft, custom angled tip help you to draw an easy line, even on the curve surface on your eyelid. It's easier than ever to draw wings! The flat, wide guard pushes lashes aside so you can get closer to the lash line.

The difference between "they're REAL! push-up liner" and a random brand liquid liner

Top : Random brand liquid liner
Bottom : They're REAL! push-up liner

You can create these different look with "they're REAL! push-up liner" easily

Different looks that I created with "they're REAL! push-up liner"

The sporty look, I even wear that liner to play futsal and it doesn't smudge at all!

The sexy cat eyes look :)

I really love this gel liner pen from BENEFIT. It's so portable and so durable!
It will be my new favourite!

You can now get it from Benefit store for only RM100.

Keep yourself updated at BENEFIT's FB page here :