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Friday, January 3, 2014

It's 2014, so?!

Hey what's up! It's new year, the time to set new goals

My goals for this year would be.... 
First, travel more
Second, save more money
Third, shop lesser
Forth, to help more animals
The conclusion is! Shop lesser to save more money and travel to more places, in the mean time, help the animals as well. 

I am not a nobleman, I did honk people when I am driving, I did scold people when they cut queue, I have a hot temper but I really think that we should return something good to the earth (I don't want to mention society because society nowadays is getting sick and the government had made our life tougher). 

In the past, all the things I want was MONEY, just money, my goal for the past few years was "earn more money". 
What made me changed my mind? 
It's a video, "what I want for Christmas" by #dmingthing. 

I don't know how to turn my feeling into words after watching the video. 
Maybe you guys would want to take a look 

Ciaoz and happy new year!