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Saturday, August 1, 2009


*pure face..ignore it if you dislike :D
Oh yea
Thanks for my FB friends who provided me the topics that I can be wrote on my blog
I get many ideas from there

First of all
I'm not in the mood
I saw someone's MSN caption and it makes me feel unhappy
Anyway, just forget it
I'm ok :)
Please don't come over and ask me "what happened?"
If I'm feeling wanna tell, I will just write it down on my blog
If I'm not, no matter how you ask, I just keep quite and give you a pour of cold water
Told your guys before wert, I'm EVIL~

So, I'm going to list out the topics here
*A wishlist (hmmp...sounds too simple, thinking how to make it more interesting :D)
*The differences between human brain of a man and woman (this was abit complicated, give me a little of time)
*The mad things always flash on my mind, something unique and creative (GOOD idea, it's a challenge for me)
*The super power I would want and why. (never think about it before, it's a pretty cool topic as well)
*What am I doing on the same day last year. (creative, but.........LOL)

well, that's the topics I picked from those suggestions
What your guys think? :)

There is really lots of weird stuffs would happen on FB
Just like....
I met a people who named WEN SHENG (not sure whether is a girl or boy, since HER profile picture is a girl, so I consider SHE is a girl LOL)
She keeps ask for people's MSN and mobile's number all around
Kinda weird
And she scolded me when I reply the comments that she leaves on MY PHOTO ALBUMs
on MY photo albums :D
the way she talked really cute, let share some photos with your guys

*click to enlarge it, read it
Nice? :D

why I always meet those weird persons LOL

Announcement here
All the slutty sixth sense's events later on will be posted up here as well
Stay tune, Don't miss it
support Slutty Sixth Sense a.k.a SSS always!