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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First try, good try

this will be a long post, be patient to finish it ya *lol

Title: what've I done on 4th of octorber

Gonna say SORRY again to Elton
Actually we planed to meet at 9am
But I cannot wake up at time (okok..i know it's my fault..knock my head... ><)
So we went Melacca at 11am then reach there at 1:45pm
elton kept complaining, well, i know it's my fault lahhh
sorry~~ k?
1st, we ate "pai guat min" a.k.a pork chop mee (sorry to malay's readers, it's not halal here :D) it's yummy, although I said I am not hungry, I finished it as well :P
then we met Elton's old friend (opps...I can't recall what is his name....ishh)
He is a good guy , I felt (well...don't ask me why, just a feeling..haha)
after eating the mee, we went for cendul!!!! My favourite dessert
u know what?? It's really delicious!!!!!!!
trust me, must have a try if any of you go to melacca
don't miss it
next will be.....I don't know what's the street called
haiya...a street lahh
I bought a hat over there, nice?
many people looked at me when I walking around
just made me feel like "is my face dirty? or anything stick on my face?"
It's kinda weird lahhh, please don't stare at me when you all meet me on the street ya
I may hide myself coz I WILL feel shy *lol
Hey, don't laugh!! it's true, I'm easy to get shy
So please kindly say HI to me rather then staring at me

Let pictures do the talking

after that, Elton planed to eat "lut-lut" and "xi-ham"
But I need to rush back to KL due to some reason
A big big big reason
so no choice, Elton have to send me back even he is very boh song :P
sorry again my bro, and thank you very much!!!

Ya...I rushed back here to celebrate nicholas's birthday with ney, ah yee, nickman and la'cryma *lol
Nic cooked a lot nice food for us, thanks ya
I like the mushroom :P
and special thanks to nic's mummy
she made me feel the warmness in their family
and she is really sporting, she's a very cool mummy! love her so much!
Auntie, wish to meet you soon again~

finally, I met ah yee a.k.a my dear
we knew each other on net quite a long time
but never meet
that is our 1st time *lol*shy
She is very friendly and cute!!! hugssss
after our dinner, nevertheless, wine is coming up~
Show time!!! :D
in the end, ah yee gave up coz she drink too fast and she felt unwell
Was worry about her so i stay at nic's house until 2am
that is the 1st time I get home so late!!! omg
usually i need to get home before 12am
luckily my daddy didn't scold me, love you daddy

they had the 2nd round on monday
I didn't attend coz i need to work

kinda stress now
tomorrow need to rush out 2 project for my customers
sighh...god bless me

sleep tight people