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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All in one

Hello!!! am here to share something really funny!
it's abit long, just read the highlighted words if you're not interested to read the whole bullshit LOL
I don't know why am always meet this kind of lifeless people
It's another pop star after Mr.YarLoong and Mr.HongXX :)
oh well, as you all know, I won't talk to strangers unless I know you're my friend's friend personally
so yea, guess who's the one chating with him? *evil grin*

Just to prove that am not creating some story to insult someone
here's the evidence
The latest pop star - MR JaysonMiXX

Actually it's a long story between us, because he keep message me EVERYDAY for about 1 to 2 weeks
even he knew I don't feel like talking to him
if he talk to me nicely, ofcause I will reply him nicely
but he kept saying some bullshits like "I love you", "you looks cute when you get angry"

so, taaa-daaaa!! here's the conversation for today
it's too long so I cant print screen
(Blue is him/Black is me/ Bold is HIGHLIGHT)

wna ask smthng
what ?
do u have bf?
u r talking to it
whos it?
the thing u were asking
dun understnd
think harder or ask around
the answer shoud be yes or no
---------------------------------------- (after a while)
y are you so arrogant?
y r u so stupid ?
what ?
it means sombong
why are u so mean ==,
i know what it mean dumb
i m reacting to ur "hey"
because im asking u.
ur not answered
base on what u just said
i have at least 3 way to humiliate u
u want me to tell explain y or u wanna figure out urself ?
explain la
1st, i have blog, which u can go read
and 2nd , tweeter as well
so do ur homework
and 3rd
i did answer you just now but u don't get what i m mean dumb ass
is that the reason y ur so mean to me?
thats the only way how u owez treat me
i mean that is not the reason y i m mean to u
u jus owez me to think what u really think.while i cant read ur mind
are u trying to woo me ?
or in simple way of saying
i jus say this.because how u treat mei
sometimes i dun really get what u mean.
and u just ask me to figured it out la bla.bla.blaa
and if i cant figured it out
u called it stupid dum ask
if u cant figure out
i did ask u to go ask around
didnt i ?
it same meaning figured it out.
so think harder then
work ur brain cell
somtimes u had to tell people whats on ur mind
of coz
but not to u
not ask tem to think.cez we don have this power to read ur mind
no no no no no
u get it all wrong
i tell it directly on the line i answered
if u smart enuff to understand what it means ( actually is very simple )
then i get what i mean
NO u shud make it more simple.cez people i'll be miss understood
like jus now i ask u do u hve bf
the answer shoud be yes/no only
and u r talking to it
copy it and send to ur friend
ask around at least
try asking
nothing to be shame of
duh~ please try simple english
so people can understand.
i was confusing just i talk to some1 or chat?
i don't need your concern on that anyway
thats terible
u shoud learn respect people
trust me i m being nice already
i can be more mean actually
tell me honestly
u expect ppl to respect someone who giving bullshit on 1st conversation such as " I love u" ?
sorry i m not that nice
as i said:) love some better than hate some one
good for u
pls save it for yourself
i don't like it from you
i dont love you..
like bf/gf
dun even love me as friend
thats why ur so mean as i told u earlier
so so so ?
did u ask ?
or at least did u go read my blog ?
so many.can u help me give that link directly instead?
of coz
whc one do u wana me to read out 4 u?
i dunno
try reading everything
u might found the answer u looking for
i cant read chinese
the answer r written in english
is im mention there ka?
is there the answer i can see why ur so mean to me?
if not update it
but there is the answer that u ask did i have bf
not important to me anymore.
i wana kno y u are so mean.
let me kno if u updated it
coz i don't like the way u talk to me
just taht simple
oh u mean chat?
than y jus delete me on you list that?
is fine
i need some entertainment sometimes
do u find it as entertainment?haha
if u find out im like a toy to u..than so sory to tell la.
since the fun is not there anymore
then i better make u clear so at least next time ppl do the same to u
u know what happened
the meaning of " you are talking to it "
mean u r actually talking to my bf
and the whole conversation between u and me
is all contributed by my bf
usually we just ignore ppl who randomly chat to us
but ur " I love you" just annoyed him and make him interested to make some fun out from u
so yeah
but u r really fun
feel more humiliated now ?
look kid
dun be smart ass
i told u long time ago
it just make u dumb
ur not being honest
i m really not starting at 1st
u r the 1 who started with playing the wording game, so y should i be honest ?
i jus can describe u as my puppy cute adorable.sweet,but when she bite hurts.
the only dog i have is rootweiler
and once it bite it kills
and guess u still don't believe u r talking to her bf huh ?
well sory im baking cake jus now.
whatever than

-so yea, that's it
he did replied me something else but it's all bullshit still
maybe some of you will feel like why I let my boyfie to reply my msg
oh well, very simple, because I asked him to play my Mafia War for me :D
we are not meant to make fool around, they was the one who find trouble from me at first
am not that patient to reply them -.-

so ya, MR JaysonMinoza
now you know why I asked you to read my blog?
and oh please~ you asked me to learn HOW TO RESPECT PEOPLE??
are you kidding me??? or you are suffering from Alzheimer's disease???
look! look how you treat a stranger and you expected my boyfie to be polite with you?
since you know I have boyfren then just get away la
what for you still telling me how much you LOVE ME and why you wanna care who is my bf?
go his X de (translated from mandarin)
and you think 'puppy' is a compliment to describe a person?
then should I describe you as an Iguana? 
"you looks brave, and strong like an Iguana!! omg, how lovely!"
is this sounds like a compliment to you? -.-
and the english am using is simple enough for a primary school's student to understand
if you can't get it, use google translator pls since you using it all the way :)
and pls, don't say am spoiled or watever bla bla bla
ONLY my boyfie has the rights to say that am being spoiled but not you!
you don't even have the rights to say how ugly I look like when am shitting, got it?

*phew* okay, sorry readers :( am now meant to be rude, am innocent k? :P
I will be nice to you if you're nice to me
My friends will know this :)

--------------------------------------back to life
Went Zanmai Shushi last week :D
oh gosh! I miss the rice soo soo much!!!

and I got to meet jenniebie before that!! 
just we din't manage to take a picture because she is working, LOL
oh ya, most of my friends were asking me why they seldom see me appear in some photoshoot session lately
fyi, currently am doing TVC casting or some modeling projects most of the time :) 

okay, back to this week
I bought alot of things but I see nothing, how come leh? lol
anyway, SASA is having a super promotion again
Buy anything to get a shampoo&scrub for only RM14.90 (ori-RM50++)
don't miss it :)

besides, I think my time will be fully occupied soon
as in all my babe girls are having holidays after this!!!
can't wait for sunway lagoon session with the girls :D anyone is interested? 
sorry guys,only for girls :P
after that, shopping session with Renee and Ling babes!
after that, my RORO is coming back!!!!!
after that.............woot!
think pon make me exciting d XD

*pic taken for a job*