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Saturday, December 8, 2012

8.12.12 Saturday

just a random diary post for today :)

Clean the houses for my hamsters just now
and I let them have a gathering as I separated the female and the males to prevent pregnancy.... lol.

The father and the mother are the same species and they are same in colour as well
I had no idea why the babies are all in different colours
as you can see from the picture
there are black, silver and gold....hmmm....

Love to do online shopping recently
saved a lot of money compared to shopping in the mall :)

More photos on my instagram
follow me @daphne_chuah (you can find the button on the right sidebar)

One of my favourite online boutique was le'mole couture
they are selling exclusive clothes, shoes and bags that you couldn't find in Malaysia
Shop here :
instagram - @lemolecouture

up next, it's all about the vain photos of myself 

this is my current hair colour
fyi, my boyfriend is the one who did for me 

first try on Mermaid hair 
doesn't look that good in pictures but honestly it looks damn good in real person (muahahaha)

Make up with M.A.C pink lipstick
yay or noy?

somewhere over the rainbow~~~~~
OOTD few weeks ago
no longer a skirt lover

Thats all folks!
see you all again soon!