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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Korea Part 2 - MyeongDong Cat Cafe

Today, I am going to blog about my Korean Trip Part 2!

It freaking cold when I was in Busan so we always look for nice Cafe to hide inside.
Busan is not a city place so you won't see Coffee shop around, but for Seoul, yes, there are plenty of Coffee shops! 
Many many you can't even decide which one to go because all of them look very nice
(As I mentioned I am not a photo person so yea, forgive me for not taking enough photos lol)

When we are looking for our breakfast before heading to Seoul, we found nice street which is perfect for #ootd .
I really think Malaysian have to stop littering! Don't tell me you cannot find rubbish bin so you have to throw rubbish everywhere.
In Korea, I hardly see rubbish around even they have no rubbish bin. Thumb's up!

I think Korea's railway should be ranked No.1 in the world, lol.
I won't want to buy a car if I stay in Korea

How to go Seoul from Busan? KTX it is!

It's so cold........... Don't judge me with my outfit....
Their main railway station looks like our KLIA, haha.

Ok, after a long bla bla bla
Let's get back to the topic!

Myongdong cat cafe! There are a lot of cat cafes around MyongDong and Hongdae.
I can't decide which one to go so I just go to this Cat cafe at Myongdong.

There is no entry fees but you must get a drinks there cost around 18,000 won. I love this place but one thing I am not satisfied with is that we are not allowed to carry the cats :( Oh nooooooo why!!!


If you love cats but you don't want to travel to Korea for the Cat cafe, actually you can find Cat cafe here in Subang and Setapak. Google it!

Stay tuned for Part 3! xx