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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

stress again

Ya, the title is 'stress' again
I don't know how many times I put 'stress' as my title d FML

Very busy for all this while
Storybook just did a wedding deco at Hartamas, the theme was red!!
I didn't take much pictures, already ran out of energy so yea lol

and look!! I have to finish that many of jobs within this week :(

so basically I blog/facebook/twitter when am loading the pdf files lol

btw, went to watch RED yesterday! not bad tho :)

the scene that Frank walk out from the moving car is extremely awesome man!!
after movie, I went to trim my eyebrow since I have nothing to do
finally, say byebye to the messy eyebrow lol
then we tried the new cheesey pizza
I love cheese!! yum yum
but it's not that special as I thought, was abit disappointed tho

and...and something happened before heading home :(
I think I seriously need an EQ management class, sigh
feel like slapping myself

anyway, I have so many things to buy!!! omg
I think I will just make a page to list down my wishlist just in case i forgot -.- hah
and fyi, my birthday is coming soon :P easier for you guys to prepare present for me la right?
muahahaha :D just kidding la

that's all for now, have to back to work
ciaoz :) partay tomorrow night