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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Party Make up with M.A.C & Benefit

It's another make-up post after so long! :)

Let's get some new colours on our face to jingle the Christmas' bell
Party time!

Everything is done, but......
I think I need some colour on my lips! *light bulb*

Fyi, I do not like to put on lipstick last time
because I don't like the smell and the stickiness on my lips
until I tried M.A.C's lipstick, and......I fell in love with them

Limited edition, includes 1 lipstick, 1 lip glass and 1 lips liner
super love the pouch! it comes with the set :)

this is how it looks like, it's purple -ish pink

Another set of limited edition, comes with 1 lipstick and 1 lips moisturiser
Nikki Minaj x M.A.C

Shocking pink it is! Love it

besides M.A.C, Benefit's BENE-TINT is also my new love

super long lasting for dry-skin

some people might not know how to apply it so they would think it's not easy to apply
actually it's very simple
what you need is only one of your fingers

First, you draw 3 lines on your cheek with the little brush there
Then, quickly tap it evenly before it dries up
If you think you want it heavier, you can repeat the steps above
very easy right?
but remember to apply it before you put on loose powder :)

That's all folks, enjoy