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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3 days til the world ends?

Hello, I miss my blog that's why I'm here, teehee

nothing much to update today

just some photos of me doing a show last week and old #ootd, lol.

I love the head piece, made me looks like a queen muahahahaha

#ootd after show :) Am wearing my boyfriend's shirt actually, not bad right

and ya, he is quite small in size....but very muscular! *shy*

Being a guy for one of my lovely friend's hens night
Can't reveal the group picture because it's a private mission :D

me, evelyn and Mr. Butter! super cute

alright, thats all for picturessss

Oh ya, left 3 days ONLY til the world ends!!!
bitch please, I don't think the world will just end like this....

I think before the ending of the world,
there should be zombies walking all around;
satellite malfunction and etc.

soooo! let's work together to save the world!
instead of storing your food for 21.12.12