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Monday, July 26, 2010


Am here again,
I neglected my blog, sorry readers
My post is getting shorter and shorter, is getting bored and bored

I love to blog still
but...just that....urgg, I don't know how to explain as well
just complicated
.... .... whatever, forget about it

just finished reading some of my model friends' blogs
their modeling life looks so happening
I thought I shouldn't read them, coz it just makes me emo in a way
but actually it's a good thing, I make up my mind like finally :)
Modeling still my favourite
I know it's not long-lasting, ofcause I won't take it as my whole life job but it's my dream
I will be regret if I just give it up without trying
so, yea :) *wink*

and I am thinking, wondering, searching the way to make my blog more attractive
I went through a lot of blogs to get some idea

- a lot of cam-whore pictures, it's like alot alot and alot
- makeup/hairdo tutorial, or whatever tutorial
- information/food/photo blog
- pretty/hot blogger
- scandal
- update frequently
this is what I get after reading dozen of blogs, lol
well, will try to achieve all of these

The latest status of my FB: 
People say my relationship is like old people, come give comment how to define young in relationship

Glad to get those responds from my babes
They make me feel better
At least I know our relationship is normal yet stable :)
Ya correct, it's less of excitement
but I wonder, how long the excitement will last for? 
I mean how long your boyfie is able to keep giving you surprise?
3 months? 1 year? or 10 years?
Get into the 'old relationship' mode means the relationship is stable enough
No doubt, girls love surprise, so do I
I keep reminding myself, when the boyfie gives surprise, take it as a bonus, but don't be too greedy, lol
a little excitement delights the relationship;
but understanding and toleration are the main issues to maintain the relationship
after 3 months or after 1 year, you still have to step into the 'old relationship' mode, it's a must
sounds sad right? but it is the fact, lol
so I rather we get into it earlier and get use to it sooner
Believe in LOVE :)

*only-eye-liner's look*

on ya, decided to keep my fringe
so stay tune for the old women daphne la ya :P