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Friday, May 30, 2014

R.I.B Kitchen : 3 Ingredients Healthy Oats Soft Cookies

Holla Peeps!

TGIF, let's make some healthy cookies for your weekend!

The week before menstruation is always a tough week for me because I just crave for everything.
Cookies, chocolate, bread and etc.

Recently I am in love with dark chocolate cookies but they always contain high calories because of the sugar and the flour,
so I decided to make my own cookies! I can have as many as I want and without getting fat lol

well, I am not good at baking so this recipe is gonna be very simple and easy, no worries

Healthy Oats Soft Cookies

Ingredients :
Rolled Oats / Old Fashioned Oats (1 banana = 1 cup of oats)

Raisins (optional)
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (optional)
Almond / Walnut / Hazelnut (optional)

How to :

**Before you store the cookies, just let the them to rest for 1 hour without any cover

As I didn't add any flour or butter into the cookies, so they won't be crunchy/crispy like other cookies
But this is why I love oats cookies, they are super chewy and filling

Do comment and share if you like this recipe and please share with me if you tried this recipe :)