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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Health Tips : Worst Health Food

So you think they are healthy but actually they are not

First! Which I taught they are fine too

Orange juice
Too high in sugar which will boost your insulin hormone (Google what is insulin)

I really like orange juice but now....bye bye orange juice

2. Sugar Free Snacks
Yes, they are sugar-free but they have worst replacement such as Maltitol, Sucralose, Sorbitol and etc.

If you really craving for snacks, make your own oats cookies or you can have nuts.

3. Whole wheat bread
Breads are not "whole" wheat as in they are all processed. And wheat can cause acne, headache, ageing, and interrupt digestion, etc.

So try to get rid of bread but if you can't (like me) I will try to get fresh made bread.

4. Diet coke!!
Tons of chemicals! 

Cut all soft drinks is the best way.

5. Flavored yogurt
Also high in sugar and synthetic flavour.

Get greek yogurt and mix with fruits.

6. Soy milk
Affect your hormone which make them store more fats 

Oh no... Less soy milk from now on.

Clean eating is a lifestyle, it can be fun so let's start together :)