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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Balloon is not going green

Another #justsaying blog post

When I was a kid, my teacher taught me that balloon releasing could kill tortoise and causing pollution. Actually it's just like plastic bag, balloon is not biodegradable either

Recently there is an event with tag line "think green, think XXX"
Well, I am not going to mention the brand name as I am not here to insult the brand, don't get me wrong
Okay, back to the topic.
I really think the event is good because they are promoting recycled stuff, but at the same time, they are giving out tons of balloons.... this is the problem.

Balloons are good to create awareness but I personally think that you shouldn't have balloons when your event is related to eco-friendly.

Just my 2 cent

Wonder how balloons kill tortoise? Google it :)

Tips to be eco-friendly (what I always do) :

1. Bring your recycled bag to shop, or carry a bigger handbag so that you can keep small things in your bag without taking any plastic bag.

2. Recycle containers.

Please share with me if you have any tips!