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Monday, April 28, 2014

Selfie Marathon with NXmini

Here's a sneak peek before showing all of you the great NXmini camera :)

Samsung Malaysia has invited bloggers to have a mini marathon with NXmini in the Saturday Morning!
I feel so lucky to be one of them
I have been in KL for about 6 years and now it's the chance for me to act like a tourist in KL

At 9.30am, everyone were gathered at NU central mall for a quick briefing and breakfast before the selfie marathon

To make this run more interesting, we had separated into 3 different groups with different tasks

"Gastronomical delights of Malaysia" was my task, so we were running around to hunt for food lol

 Coconut, I think Malaysia has the best coconut in the world!

 How can you miss the Durian King ice-cream!!

 Beautiful streets in KL

Crunchy coconut stripes, I used to have this everyday when I was a kid! I didn't know that I can find this in KL lol

Fish cake in Malaysia style! A must try when you travel to Malaysia!

Finished the marathon with a big smile!

P/s : All of the photos were taken with NXmini

Here's a photo taken with NXmini and without any filter :) We look pretty right? 
NXmini camera allows you to take pretty selfie without any editing, every girl's dream lol

Stay tuned for my next post,
I am going to show you guys the great Selfie Camera, Samsung NXmini!