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Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Review] : VC+ nanoC mask from Japan

Women nowadays are getting lazier and lazier lol
(Pointing at myself) I am one of them
so I prefer "all in 1" skin care product, easy peasy 
Such as masks! I love masks! Sleeping mask, gel mask and etc.

If you have followed my Facebook and Instagram, you will notice that I had started the 30days journey with Vitamin C + Nano Collagen Mask from Japan Gals

Let's take a look on this amazing masks

Unlike other masks, VC+nanoC mask comes with a different packaging 

It's kinda eco-friendly in a way as they packed 30 pieces all together instead of 30 separate packs

How to use the mask? Look at the back of the box!

After putting the mask on your face, just keep calm and play your phone, the mask will be dry up after 20-30 minutes as your face already absorbed all the lotion from the mask

VC + Nano C mask contains Vitamin C derivative which is the magnesium ascorbyl phosphate that act as antioxidant and hydrolysed collagen to keep the skin hydrated

The difference between day 1 (left) and today (right)

I wouldn't say this mask works like magic as I originally having fair skin, but it does help my skin to look more hydrated 

I think "doi-doi" skin is very important for women
nobody wants a dry and dull skin right?

So start taking care of your skin now!
You can get the Japan Gals Vitamin C + Nano Collagen Mask at selected Guardian stores
It only costs you RM65 for 30 pieces of mask