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Monday, December 20, 2010

Black and White is the new love, again!

New layout for my blog again,
it's Black and white this time, just wanna keep it simple and clean :)
and get my blog a new header as well, how is it?

Oh well, I found something to give away when I was cleaning my room
here you go

RO's fans anyone?
I don't play online game but I don't know why I keep them, lol
since x'mas is coming, so I decide to give away those a small x'mas gift to you guys? :)
*msg me if you're interested, it's totally FREE!*

furthermore, I found this!!

Look! it's a postcard I received N years ago
from Emily, my primary school mate

Here's some random pictures to share with you guys 
-shoot by canon EOS 60D-
and it's done by Storybook for the deco of a ladies party :)

Last but not least... ...
HYPE my LOOKBOOK if you like my look :D
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