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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Homey cook by me

What? Don't believe? LOL
The outside food make me feel bored and they are too oily  for me, yucks
so I decide to cook for my own :D

Breakfast is the most important meal compare to lunch or dinner
so for breakfast, we're looking for quality;
for lunch, quantity;
for dinner, quality & super low quantity LOL
for supper? nah! NO supper if you really want to keep fit!

since there are hell alot of people asked me what I eat to keep fit,
so, here you go :)

First of all, prepare the soup with ikan bilis and some salt. NO oil or ajinamoto!
you can replace the soup with miso if you don't like the smell of fish.
but ikan bilis provide alot of calcium, female needs a lot of calcium, that's why :)

-let's start! Prepare vegetables, choose the vege you like :) the more colourful is better-

-only vege is not enough to complete the nutrition we need, so add some seafood, it can also maintain female's booby size even we slim down XD and for the noodles, I used spinach noodles, healthier

- this is my favourite!! Pumpkin is so easy to cook and it contains alot of nutrients, no need to put anything, just cut it into slice and steam them. they originally taste sweet :) salmon is for my dad, he cant live without meat! lol-

- tadaaaaa! it's done, for me, it taste good. but for my dad, it's not because it's too 'vege'. -

This is what I eat to keep fit, basically I just boiled all the food and steam them.
It's easier to remain the nutrition value in the vege and also easier for our body to absorb.

Hope you girls like it :)
Diet life is not easy to sustain, the only key word for you girls is "忍"
and if possible, get a evil boyfriend LOL