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Friday, March 26, 2010

so called What-The-Hell

Basically, this is all about What-The-Hell

I planned to go for Gym 7am yesterday
But guess what, I can't even get a cab
I called 6-10 times!!!
It's okay if you inform me earlier if you can't get me any cab
But they didn't!!! I wait for half-an hour then I called back, they only told me "sorry miss, no cab ya"
WTH la pls!!! Can't you tell me earlier then I can look for other companies?
Msia cab service really sux!!
End up I called my friends for help
Thanks all of you so so much!!! :)
Even some of you never pick up my call as in you're sleeping
but I really appreciate that you're willing to call me back and ask me what happened when you wake up
So sorry, I said that I won't trouble you guys again but....sigh
Really thanks a lot!!! xoxo
One of my buddies told me "hey girl, you should tell me earlier, then I wont put my phone into silent, so that you could found me."
awwwww, what a simple sentence but it's sweet :)
I know I know, you guys pamper me a lot
I don't want anymore, I have to learn how to take cab, how to take bus, how to take LRT
Hello, don't lah so surprise LOL
well, the msia cab service is the first thing which was so What-The-Hell

I can't get there in time as in I already made an appointment with my trainer
FML -.-
Postpone again, what to do
Feel bad about that, sorry Hani
yea, her name is Hani, damn cute right? :D
Hani = Honey

Here's coming a big What-The-Hell and FML -.-

if you are just a stranger to me
I don't care how you look at me 
if you are just a stranger to me
I don't care how you feel
if you are just a stranger to me 
I won't have any hard feeling
if you are just a stranger to me
so what if you think Ima bitch, like I care

but you know what?
It's hurt
Why? Please ask yourself

'noʎ ɹoɟ ʇıɥs ɟo ǝɔǝıd ɐ ʇsnɾ sı ǝuop ǝʌ,ı ʇɐɥʍ ɟı
uǝɥʇ lɯɟ 'ǝuıɟ
uoıʇdǝɔuoɔsıɯ ǝʇɐɥ ı 'ǝɹoɯʎuɐ ʇı ǝʞɐʇ ʇ,uɐɔ ı

I don't know what to write anymore
My feeling is messed-up
I think I better shout them out with my hands
Feel like going to Genting now, immediately, anyone? :(

I am not perfect
But I keep trying

*tik tok at 12*