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Thursday, March 25, 2010

K-K-Kinda busy

I should be updated my blog last 2 nights
but guess what?
I fell asleep as in I was too tired after 2 hours of gym LOL

Well, that was my first time to gym, very semangat la ofcause :D
I hope my passion wont fade away that fast
know what, I was shocked, I did 1 hour of 'steper' *I don't know what it's called*
but ONLY burned 200++ calories of mine! WTH men!!
200 calories, so little lah please :(
so I decided to do 1 hour of steper then 1 hour of jogging and 1 hour of cycling :D
crazy right? I don't care, I just want the result LOL
I like the rest room over there
you can see all the ladies walk around with a towel ONLY
Just like my picture below

Why not I take picture outside the fitting room? 
Coz of....too many hot chicks out there,18SX :P

Lotsa people asked me
"you go gym that early? how you go?"
GOOD question, by CAB -.-
It's fcuking expensive!!!! Am not rich at all, so, FML
I take cab!!! WOAH
it's been 18 years that I never take public transport ALONE
Am lazy to keep "please-ing" my friend to fetch me here and there lah, somemore it's early in the morning
I don't really like to trouble my friends for all these shits anymore
After I get my car, let's see LOL

oh yeap, some random picture which were taken by last sunday

I like my make-up that day, super natural :D just mascara and some brown-colour eyeshadow

my outfit for the day :) I love my heels~ teeheee

Today is a big day for Mr. Earnest
birthday song? no way, as in you never sing to me during my birthday HAH
come one people, wish him luck :)
Earnest, there is no take-2 in your life, treasure everything that you have right now but not hurting or disappoint them, get it?
SAY YES! lol

it's 5:25AM now, it's time to prepare myself and head to gym soon :)
work out work out work out!!
* I don't know hot to express myself when am not happy, exercise is the best way to release it :) *

FYI, 'tired-ness' is never a reason to ignore my request

ciao, xoxo, GeeGeeGeeGee
*tik tok at 12*
Daphne' C