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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blogger In Draft

A good news for those blogger who don't know how to read HTML
but they wanna make their blog look different

Did you guys get an email from Blooger Team?
Alright, I just wanna blog about that, just in case you guys didn't get the email

1st step:-
Click the link on the email/ click the image to enlarge it then re-type the URL as the picture above

2nd step:-
select the option that I circle it with yellow colour ink

3rd step:-
If you are using template, please customize your template into layout. then "save template"

4th step:-
after that, you will see a new option at you layout page, click yo enlarge and focus on the yellow circle

5th step:-
you can choose background, layout, arrangement all

6th step:-
it's done!! I just simply play with it, you should have a try, it's very simple

after you change your blogger server into Blogger Draft, you can use the updated version of "new post"
see? there is some new option --- insert video and translator
it's cool!! isn't it? :)

and also...
you can use the new version of uploading pictures, click to enlarge :)

yawn, have to sleep now
enjoy ya
*tik tok at 12*
Daphne' C