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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Before I heading to bed

Trying my best to update more often
I love my blog, but just lack of things to update
sometimes, brain cannot function well
Don't feel like blogging when my mind is messed up -.-

Well, finally :)
Let's blog

I was wondering that, you guys like to see more pictures on my blog or more contents? LOL
More pictures, I guess?

*some random pictures which taken by last sunday :D lousy handphone so the quality...urm....:P*

Know what, I hurt my middle finger three times in a row, at the same wound somemore
How careless -.-
I type very slow as in my middle finger is not active now hahaha
Very cacat la please 

Fine, just forget about it
Let's see my latest studio profile shoot

how was it? comments are welcome :) thanks
people said they look HOTTT~ wooot wooot
Happy!! Weeee~~
For more pictures, please kindly view my FB :)

I love this series too, credit to Lee aka desaint light the photographer
Somehow I think I really have to loose some weight! I am serious!!
SO! Am going to join Fitness First
I love sports/exercise, I would die faster without them
Feel like going outdoor sports but no kaki and have to book this book that
Kinda troublesome -.-
Then why not I just join go for Gym
I could work out over there even I have no kaki to accompany me, right?
GYM the best :D

Wow, Have to do lotsa thing during this weekend

  1. Attend Taylors open day to know more about loan thingy
  2. Celebrate friend's birthday
  3. Sign up a member at Fitness First
These 3 are the major things to do :B

Besides, Haagen Dazs session soon with my VVVVVIP babe evvon aubrey chua, Berry berry babe and JiaLoong. And Joan dee baby!!! 
Joan Dee, we wont left you out :) xoxo

Have to ciao, night peeps!
*tik tok at 12*