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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fitness First

I have to blog
yea, I must :D
I wanna make my blog to be more happening

Went Taylors open day last Sunday
the new lakeside campus looks nice :)
But the lake.......still under construction, so not that beautiful yet LOL
Doing loan thingy for my Foundation
FYI, am going to take Business course, major in Marketing :)
wish me luck~
Thanks for my son, monton who accompanied me, xoxo

After that, I went my dad's shop - Gamer's Hideout
I love to lepak over there and waiting for Earnest :P
finally, Earnest and his friend, Ah Liang reached
We watched movie - under the mountain
WTH la, the movie was damn funny
a girl died but she alive and became a flame, just like WOAH
Earnest was laughing so loud LOL
His pattern la, like a kid -.-
Should listen to me, watch 'how to train your dragon' tsk tsk
Hmm, I wanna watch that movie, anyone? :)

Know what, I join Fitness First, Platinum membership LOL
Was like finally~
Yup, I was thinking of it two years ago but now I only go for it, why?
due to the problems of time, work and transport
that's why
When the stuff, Ezy asked me to weight
I was like "erk? can I say NO? gosh"
I was shocked!!! there is 17KG of fats inside my body!!! WTF right?
But am still so happy and exciting about that :)
My goal, 3 months to reach 48KG
Not a big deal perhaps
I like the environment, I like the people over there
They just like a big family and very friendly to me, I like it soo much
Who is interested? Let's work out together :)
**Fitness First @ The Curve**

sobs, no picture again
Not yet transfer to my laptop, still inside my hp
I will post it on next post :)

*tik tok at 12*