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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Out of my mind

Evvon babe complaint that my blog seems so dead lately LOL
Well, I know I know
But just nothing to update about my life
How sad -.-

Had a shooting with Earnest last sunday
Elton was the photographer and thanks for Michelle sayang to make up for us
Kinda upset la me
As in I can't do my best and I don't know why
Because of what? I have no idea, just cannot achieve my target, not even my normal standard, sigh
This is my first time to do a couple shoot perhaps
I found that couple shoot is much more harder then single shoot
When single shoot, I can just pose whatever I like, so flexible
But when it comes to a couple shoot or group shooting, you have to avoid from blocking people, that's why
Really hard!!! Have to work harder in this part

You can do it Daphne, just need more practices :)

I really think that I have to find something to blog about but not only blog about my life
Any suggestion?
Fashion? Information about skin care? or Arts?
hmmm...*scratching head*

Venice babe gave me a call just now
I was surprised and happy to get her call :)
Miss her sweet voice, heeeeee
Can't wait for her to move over here, we gonna hang out always
I don't care, Babe don't ever try to reject me :D

I am so busy lately
Busy shooting, busy college stuff, busy loan thingy, busy for friend's birthday
I wanna go Genting, I wanna go beach, I wanna go for badminton, I wanna go Gym, I wanna go....many many things that I wish to do
Urggg!! Why there is only 24 hours per day? :(
Not enough for me la
somehow, I wish time pass faster
Contradict la me

Seldom hang out with Angelyne dear lately :(
I miss her
wonder how is she feeling now
I know it wont be cure so fast
Stay tough dear

Sigh, most of the people around me are facing problem in their relationship
What is a relationship?
Hurting each other calls a relationship?
Or endure each other all the way calls a relationship?
A relationship for me is being ourselves
No matter guys or girls, please don't ever think to change your partner
it's doesn't work, it wont last long
if you love her/him, should accept what she/he is
Let's say it in another way, if he/she is the right person for you, you will love everything from him/her without changing anything on him/her
It happens so naturally
I wont ask guys to change for me, as I know he won't be happy after all
LOVE is not the only issue in a relationship
It's made of so many issues like lifestyle, personality, family background and minded
Relationship is a compound but not an element or a mixture, in Chemistry
Get what I mean?
all the best to the people who are in love, and the people who are seeking their love :)
Myself as well

*tik tok at 12*
Daphne' C