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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make a change

Well, as you all see

I've changed my blog layout AGAIN, LOL

This time am not using HTML code anymore
I prefer BloggerDesign now, 3 times a lady, haha
and yea, I've created a new blog at Wordpress as well (click the icon at the right to view it)
Wordpress provides more function but it does not allow code editing :(
so am still here to use Blogger :)

back to life
Attended to Ryan's bday party last week
Hmm, not use to call him Ryan, Ryling sounds better for me :D

It was a last minute plan actually
anyway, happy to meet up with 3 of them
Ryling, Bbee & PengLoon
Miss them much much
Not really get to talk with them
All busy with their own stuff, LOL
and....something happened, opps :P
Luckily Eugigi was there :)
A sincere advice, don't drink with empty stomach
It's horrible

oh yea, I watched SexAndTheCity finally :D
not bad
But I think it's not suitable for a couple to watch together
hmm, what you think?

just finished watching UP btw
It's an anime :)
I like the Doggie & the GiantBirdie
the old couple make me jealous je
they are just so sweet, it's LOVE

my 'diary' is so empty lately