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Saturday, June 5, 2010

What about now

Shit -.- I forgot what to blog again

sometimes, a small argument is not a bad thing between couples
It might be a spark :)

By the way, my temper is getting worst
I don't know what's the main reason
PMS? Not like am having pms for 365 days right?
This is just an excuse for me to show my temper legitimately
Am really stress sometime
Once upon a time, I used to make the same nightmare, regularly for almost 9 years
In the dream, I get lost in a shopping mall or a house area, EVERYTIME 
and end up I can't get any way out from there :(
That's why am always feeling insecure when am alone in a place that I never been to
and that's why I have no sense of direction
Okay! Laugh as hard as you can if you want, LOL

Can I just run away from here?
I am so tired, I am so tired for being a happy-go-lucky person
but this is who I am, ridiculous right? -ridonkeyulous- :D

Daphne ah Daphne, control control
You used to have a high EQ, don't you?
How come you're so hot-temper now?
no way Daphne!! Behave!! 

I don't feel like sleep,
To avoid argument, I better get my hands off from laptop now

*Fairy tale*