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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Special Valentine*storybook

Valentine is around the corner
Wanna give your love one something special?
Look, We have a special bundle for your darling (it's more suitable for girls :P)

Did you ever hear about Dooodolls?
*click here for more info
Dooodolls has released a special edition for Valentine
And know what? We are selling it!!!
Your darling will be in love with it for sure, 101% confirmed! LOL

Let's check it out

here is the bundle, it's ONLY RM388
one dooodoll + Sticky + Roses + Card
*for the dooodolls, you can choose either Cupipi or Cupido~ how cute right?

But if you like something in pair, take the 2nd bundle :)
It's only RM499 then you can get one more dooodoll

Curious about Sticky?
Alright, It's a kind of candy
And the thing which amazes me so so so much is that we can make any words inside the candy
yup!! INSIDE the candy LOL

See that? There is 'I LOVE YOU' in the candy
Just like woah!!!

What you waiting for?
Grab one for your darling!!!
for more enquiry, leave your msg to me
Chatbox or email, either one will do :)

Designer' Daphne