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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sick Cat

Suffer from high fever :(
But getting better now 

- lame jokes from RYAN WEE -
----- daphne : "yaya, cool down. On your air-con..haha"
         ryan : "are you asking me to listen to XXX sing by Akon?"
I was like WTH??? air-con = Akon...................-.-

---- ryan : "I will ask Guan Yin to help me, you dun laugh hor~~"
       daphne : "haha..let see, vampire VS Guan Yin...."
       ryan : "Tak takut!! Guan Yin has many hands lo!! and Guan Yin don't have blood! "
I was like WTH again!!! Guan Yin is too fair that's why she don't have blood -.-
Had a talk with one of my babes last night
*babe, you know who you are la right?
I don't know what to say as in both of you are my dearest one

Like I said, shows your love by action but not just giving empty promises
When troubles come over, face it and solve it but not keeping quiet
If money can solve the problem, just give her jek la
I can't imagine why she can be so childish, 10k = 10 years? fcuk it la
Listen here, prove it if you really love her, don't let her down again

Babe, give him some time but remember there is a LIMIT

Letting go doesn't necessary mean giving up
Some of my friends keep telling me my life is very happening but their life is sux
I was like Hello? it's so not true pls
Kinda don't like people keep complaining their life
Did you ask yourself why?
It's because you just know to complain but you didn't work hard for what you want
you can change it as it's your life, not anyone else's
And come on, don't over care for others
what for? 
in the end, you are the trouble maker for yourself -.-
I don't know why my Mixpod is not function at all!! damn it!!
Anyone knows how to solve it?

Leave your msg for me by clicking "speak out"
Thanks :)
Due to some system error, I changed my chat box to Shoutmix LOL

*tik tok at 12*
Daphne' C