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Sunday, February 7, 2010

day post

Let's say WOAH!! :D
it's my very first time to update my blog at day time

I am effing fcuking full now! LOL
effing+fcuking, that means I am extremely FULL!
Had taken my breakfast at IKEA with Ryan, my Ryling :D
A japanese family was sitting beside me!! the lil girl is so cute~
she smiled to me~ and keep like peeking on me? awwwww~ loves
Ryling said: "how I wish my future baby will be cute like her ♥"
HAHAHA, imagine that a sweet baby girl singing 'boom boom pow'
He is very pariah, keep complaining to me that he is soooo hungry but he can't finish the Meatballs -.- apa lahh
And thanks for him to pick me up from my house although he never been there
I teach him road by road LOL
Appreciate a lot ♥
He is really CUTE!! 
well, I know he don't like I describe him as CUTE
so should I say he is really LOVELY?
Did it sounds better? HAHAHA
On the way to my work place, we club in the car , Crazyyy man
And he can RAP!!! it's A-W-E-some!!!
I was like What The Fffff~ You can rap well man!!!
Btw, I like the way he rap, it's kinda different - Ryan's style
Just resign and work as DJ jek la Ryling, wasted LOL

Currently at my shop *fyi, I switched my off day to Monday
but know what, I forgot to bring my lappie along 
so, yea, FML -.-
Am using my dad's I-Mac to on-line

Awww!!! My 'mom' just bought a Leica camera!!!
It's really. . . . . urggggg!!!! FCUKING cool!!!
How I wish Lee Kah Seng is my father LOL
Daddy, don't mind what I said la k? just kidding, am still love you so much even though you wont buy me a Leica :P
I just tried the camera, FUYOH!!
The best camera ever, I mean the brand la :)
come on, I say 'Leica', you say 'Best'
*goshh, was infected by Ryan -.-
Anyway, I can't afford a Leica so I aim for Canon
I want this I want this!! I hope the sky is falling down~ down-own~ LOL

For the cellphone, I think I will choose Nokia 5800 :)

CNY is coming, wha's your plan?
Tell me by leaving a msg in my chatbox la ya
Sharing is caring wat~
I am not going anywhere
My hometown is Taiping but I am not going back while my Grandma is coming here
and my God Mother, my Aunt too
My house will be very happening during CNY,
as in my dad's company partners will come over as well, its like every CNY
It's mah-jeong's time again!!! Money money come, HUAT ahh!! :)

woah, this post is gonna be a long long post
oooo-hoooo~*BEP rocksss!!

I don't know why, I am so into blogging-mood now
it's a symptom of PMS? 
OH no no no, my PMS was passed not long ago ni

One more thing, I don't know why,
ya, I said "I don't know why" again
I keep anwering calls last night, was like non-stop until 3am -.-
Talked to Elton, my brother lahh
as usual, he syok-sendiri again LOL, let him be
then, Anson's turn
"Is daphne there?" again, apa ni?? LOL
and then and then, Ah Fai's turn
a drunk-er so he said something pissed me off, duhhhh
Got more to mention about him, but later
then.......oh ya, Ryans turn
Foolamak!! from the 1st second I picked up the call,
I laughed non-stop until he hangs up
He is fulled of energy!!
He told me the reason why he always crazy around :) xoxo

Okay, let's talk about the Drunk-er
*well, I hope he is not reading my blog -.- otherwise he will get mad on this, his pattern la, blahh
Am not the Daphne you used to know anymore
I loved you before but I don't know how to make you understand
that you need to appreciate the person you love by doing something
While not only msn the person like 1-2 times a month??
And definately!! I am not requesting you to beg me for anything
Why can't you listen to what I've told you? just listen and digest it, don't be so cow kay?
It's gone, you should know
And please! Am not paying any revenge to you, not even a lil
You edi tried your best? maybe my heart is blind or I am cold-blooded, I only feel a lil
and the "lil" is not enough for me to get the feeling back
Control your temper, don't show your anger to me when I am doing nothing wrong
anyway, u're right to focus on your career
Once I said:"how can you stopped contact the person you like for so long? this is how you love a person? it's not make sense."
You will answer:"I am working ma." or you'll skip this and jump to another topic
hello? since you don't have time for me, what you expect from me somemore?
I am glad to be a friend with you, but please, treat me as a FRIEND, not your hour-gf
FYI, I am not gonna hurt my dad for anyone, including lies
That's all

I miss my angelyne dear :(
and my VVVVVIP evvon babe

*tik tok*
Daphne' C