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Saturday, January 23, 2010

생일 축하합니다

what the fcuk!!! My laptop hang when I m typing and it does not autosave!!!
retype -.-


Yupie, 23rd is my big big day

which is same with my dad

so I gonna celebrate with him like forever LOL

There is three birthday dinners for me --- 22nd, 23rd, and 24th
__dinner at 22nd__

Before this, SIM told me that they are going to have a dinner at TCM aka tropicana city mall, my working place

and he told me there is only three person

so I waited them to reach around 7-8pm

At around 7pm, Yin Ling babe text me and told me that she had an accident and she sat at 798 that time

I was like "WHAT?? are you kidding??"

I was very worried then I met her immediately!!

She was having drinking section with her peeps at 798 -.-

The beer over there is fcuking cheap!! it's like RM1 per glass, beer's sale???

we gossip alot, not yet finish lahhh as SIM they already reached

So I went Royal Thai to meet them

When I saw them, I was like "wandafark?? don't you tell me there is only 3 people?"

All my VVVIP photographers and model babes were there, gosh

I was very exciting to see them!!! :)

Then we had our meal and chit-chat

As usual, SIM was the joker of the day

At around 9:30pm, I told them I have to leave

They shocked and said "NO!!! you cant!"

"Huh?? WHY??"

They did not answer but I already know what gonna happen :)

But still, I leaved and met them back around 10:30pm

then, the surprise was there!! it's a cake, weeeeeeee~

We have a rule, the birthday-er have to use his/her mouth to BITE and take out the candle

I kena la ofcause!! 1/4 of my face was covered by cream, urggg

Thanks to SIM!!! -.-

I was really surprised and happy for that!!

Thanks to them --- SIM the dailou, EDWARD, RAYNOR, APRIL the hottest babe, VIVIAN the sweetie, RENEE babe, RHEA, AH YEN.

I ♥ all of you!!! thanks!!!

Thanks for purposely did that for me and Rhea (the another birthday girl), appreciate that!!

Wait.........or maybe you guys just came for the nice food??? huh?? :D
that is the first surprise in my birthday

The second one will be the present from my parents

It's a GUESS hand-bag!!! WOAH

The first branded thing in my life, LOL

As in I m not craving for branded stuff, so I never buy or ask from my dad

But they bought it to make me happy!! I am so lucky 

Thanks Ba and Jie :)
Was waiting for a miracle

But I know it wont happen and ya, it did not happen

Looking forward for the dinner with my dad and the Sunday outing with all my babes & buddies

Will I get any surprise again??? hmmm, don't be too greedy Daphne!

***grrrrrr, I want a camera lah!!!! my blog is so boring without pictures :(

*tik tok at 12*
Cinderella' D