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Monday, January 25, 2010

당신을 사랑합니다

My another birthday post

This gonna be long, be patient :P

__Dinner at 23rd__

23rd is my actual birthday!!!

So me and my dad celebrated together with company's partners as well

My dad get a LV purse from his partners*woot*

We suppose to have our dinner at TGI Friday at The Curve

BUT we change to eat crabs at Kepong

WHY??? Don't ask!! ishhh

 Do Not feeling like wanna mention about it anymore

Gwen-chana-yo, I love crabs thou

I ate 4 crabs!!! call me Crab's Queen LOL

Forgive me la, I didn't eat for whole day, I kept my stomach for the dinner, that's why LOL

I was damn full!!!

Anyway, nice dinner!!
__celebration at 24th__

I woke up at 10am and wait for my son, minton to fetch me

but he was late LOL

I planed to celebrate my belated birthday with my dearest at Fullhouse

So I was there at around 2pm

I like the environment lahh~ damn nice for gathering

Met Elton and also Venice babe!!!

Was like finally to meet her!!! LOL

she is staying at Penang, that's why

and She is so pretty, somemore she is only 17!!! goshhh, I am jealous lahh babe :P

Looking forward to meet with her again ♥

Ivan Village Idiotz and Keryi should be there too

But they fell as sleep!!! WTH :(

I don't care, both of you own me a dinner LOL

While waiting for all my dears to reach, me and minton walked around in the Pyramid as we are too BORED -.-

At around 5pm, they reached finally!!

They are my Angelyne dear, AD Chan, Dear's son-Aaron, Evvon daddy and Nickman mummy :)

We had a movie before our dinner, 'Tooth Fairy'

It's funny like hell!!!! a nice movie!!! go watch go watch!!! :D

I laughed non-stop, goshhhh

After movie, we went TGI Fridays for dinner!

And 'superb handsome Jackson' joined us with his another two friends :) Thanks for coming

Hooi yee dear and Nicholas joined us afterward, and they brought me a red wine

Wooot!!! I love it!! thanks dear and Nic!!!

Okay, now is the most interesting part!!!

This happened out of my respect again!! just like woah!!

I stood on a chair and get demanded to sing and dance, OMFG

As u all know, it's the special 'culture' in Fridays

All birthday girls/guys must do that -.-

I can sing but I really cannot dance la pls!!! or else you make me tipsy, then I might dance like nobody's business LOL

At last, I didn't sing, so I had to choose a partner and do some weird dancing steps with me

I chose Mummy!!! muahhahahahahah

All my dearest laughed so loud lahhh, pity me nia LOL

Anyway, thanks to Friday's stuffs, they are friendly enough :) it's fun!

Besides, my dear and daddy ordered a red wine for me too *slurp*

It's my happiest birthday ever 

Thanks for all the surprises that you guys made for me!!! I am so touching!! LOVEs

And thanks to Hooi Yee dear and Nic for accompanying me while waiting for Anson

Ofcause, thanks to Anson too, for the presents :)

Here is some pictures of the day ----

Smoking Maniac -.- kids pls don't learn from them, it's not a good thg LOL

My dear and daddy!!! :)

the peeps!!! aaron, dear, AD

Happy Family!!! see, how sweet..awww~

me!! was busying sms-ing LOL

Cheers!!! :)

That's all for today

I can't express my current feeling by words

conclusion: I am glad to have all of you in my life!!!! I love you all damn damn much!! 

xoxo with plenty of love

*tik tok at 12*
Daphne' C