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Thursday, January 21, 2010

진퇴 양난

I am having dir-re-ma


I spotted two models of cellphone but I don't know which one to choose :(

 --- Nokia 5800

I like this because it's full touch screen and the screen is big enough for me, 

and it's cheaper
One thing is that the camera has only 3.2 mega pixel :( 

I have not enough budget to get a camera d, 

so my cellphone will be my camera too. That's why

 --- Sony Ericsson Aino

I just simply like this because it's Sony Ericsson *LOL*

And it has 8.1 mega pixel !!!! COOL

But it's too bad it's not full touch screen,

it only can be use as touch screen when you activating the multimedia :(

How how how?
 5800 or Aino???

Give me some comment pls

Know what,

I love to see my friends having sweet love :)

I smile when I seeing they playing with each other

I smile when I seeing they argue with each other, those kind of 'sha fa cheong' but not serious argument la

sometime, I wish to have someone beside me

However I like to be alone sometime

Kinda lotsa people asked me :"why are you being single now? your requirement is too high isn't it?"

So not true la please 

I never expect my boyf to look like Edward Cullen
I never expect my boyf to rich like David Backham
I never expect my boyf to tall like 180cm
I never expect my boyf to strong like Popeye

My dream men will be like.....
  • When I emo, he just need to talk crabs then I will be fine, no matter how lame is it
  • When I am crying, he just need to hug me as tight as he can
  • When I angry, he just need to lay his lips on my cheek then my anger will totally go away
  • When I am feeling insecure, he just need to tell me "I am always here with you" :)

I don't think it's hard to find a men like this, but most of them already belong to someone else

Whatever, I do enjoy my single life now :)

suddenly reminded of something, "look also guan si wan, must be presentable la"

Fcuking agree!! HAHAHA

p/s : looking forward for my next relationship with a basic and vital requirement --- a guy who qualified to be 

my soul-mate in the rest of my life time

FYI, I went through so so so many things and dated with kinda lotsa guys before

I am not interested to play around anymore, I just want a stable and long-term relationship

So I will be very picky for my next relationship, I hope it will be my LAST one 

with Eevon daddy last sunday

OKay! back to my life
Just read some magazines from taiwan and japan

those models are HOT and they make me feel like wanna cut my fringe lahhh!! urggg

I know many of you will be disagree me to do so, coz I have a chubby face which is not suitable for  short fringe

But I love it very much :( duhhhhh

Can the time stops right now?

22nd is coming, I don't want lahhhhh pls pls


*tik tok at 12*
Cinderella 'D