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Monday, December 21, 2009

Happening day


Had so much fun with Angelyne dear yesterday
dear, well done at the show!!!
Although she was a bit nervous at the beginning, but she really did well at the solo part :)
Congrats dear!!
Keep it up~
Nice to meet Karen, Siu siu and CY
especially siu siu, she's too cute!!!
Can't stop laughing with her lahh :D

waiting for the pictures :)
we took many candid pictures~~
stay tune for them ya

-the day-
First of all, have to apology to my son, Minton
I am always wake up late and make him wait for me :(
Sorry la ya son and thanks so much!!!!!!!
You're always my lovely son :)
Yea, he sent me to Sunway Pyramid
I reached there around 11am, then I checked my hp
saw Dear's msg la, haha
I did a little bit shopping while waiting for King AD to prepare
I bought a pair of ankle-boots for myself *weeeeeeee :)
And TOP shop's leggings
one for Angelyne dear's christmas gift and one for myself
Feel happy that dear likes it so much :)
Just a LITTLE BIT shopping only, RM200 is gone
I can't imagine how if I do a FULL shopping :D
I will broke in one day I guess
Coz I saw many many many many many nice clothes!!! woooofffff
And I am so craving for them :( ishhhh
Wait for me, I'll be back one day
After shopping, I went Station1 to have a drink
SAME....waiting for AD *LOL
I did cam-whore a little bit with my pahliah handphone :P
After 1 hour, FINALLY he reached
Then we went to meet Angelyne dear
FYI, she had a runway show at somewhere lahh
Ofcause we went there to support her!!
Karen, CY and Siu Siu followed us to give dear a surprise
nice show thou~
Then we went to eat lok-lok celup?? what is that called huh? LOL
Yummy lah!! I ate so much!! Still full now, not going to sleep I guess
Next would be EYE ON MSIA
We didn't get up to it la
Just had fun under the EYE :P
snap snap snap
Then, ciaozzz
Home sweet home :)

I get home kinda late
Daddy was angry *oopsss
He didn't scold me lahh
Just bug me for a while lo
Daddy ordered me to stay at home next sunday
So no choice lo
No daphne day for next week
Be daddy's little girl :)

Christmas is coming
What's your plan?
I have to work too
so......sighhhh :(

Will update again when I get those pictures :)
*tik tok at 12*