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Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow in Msia

Merry Christmas to everybody~

Hmmp...How much I wish to see snowing in Malaysia
I got my 1st x'mas gift from my ah gor
I was kinda surprise!!
He knew I always take a nap in office and I just laying on my table and sleep
so he bought a pillow for me
Thanks gor~
I never expect him will remember to buy a x'mas gift for me
btw, he bought a NDS-lite for his GF
How sweet~ :)

I didn't go anywhere for my X'mas
Kinda surprise huh?
I know it's kinda hard to believe *LOL
Go with who? Go where?
Need to think think think
better don't go out then
somemore my daddy don't like I go out until midnight
Know what?
another reason is that I don't like to rush people to fetch me home
That's why
Don't you feel it's kinda annoying?
when you all enjoy-enjoy there, get high with friends
then I need to keep seeing the time and keep rushing someone to fetch me home
I just don't like to be so troublesome for my friends
sometime I will feel very sorry to them coz they need to rush here rush there for me
AND my house is far enough from them
Dear and all my close friends, I know u all will like "not a big deal la~"
But I will feel guilty about that still
on the other hand, I appreciate that <3

At home now
Just have a x'mas dinner with family
Shushi Tei
I ate BEEF~~~
Dear knows how much I love beef
When I don't feel like eating, no appetite and all
Only beef can get my attention *LOL
I am a beef maniac :P

Wondering what am I doing?
well, nothing much
watching TV, FB ing, Blogging and searching info for Photographers
FYI, our company is doing wedding-planner as well
Wedding-planner is NOT an easy job like what somebody think
not only plan plan plan then just give all the jobs to the wedding runner
we have to do SO SO SO many re-search
We need creativity, then we have to think out any way to access it.
Kinda hard to find what we expected in Msia
Anyway, it's a great and fun job if you like to do organizing and searching
I will try to share my experiences here and some useful tips for those people who think to be a wedding-planner

As I promised,
here you go some pictures of -the day-(dear's fashion show)

Dear on the stage, she did well la right~ proud of my dear

I love this~ Do Re Mi Fa So, La was the photog :P

Nice outing with them!! :) xoxo
And spot my shoes??? :D
That is my new baby
Heeee..I bought that and change it immediately :P

I am wondering....
When a person ask:"how are you?"
What he expect me to answer actually?
Could anyone tell me?
Coz I face this question almost everyday
and my answer will be "as usual" *lol
Very fu-hin??? ofcoz I am not!!
Just I really don't know what to answer :(

And today I received a call which really pissed me off
some conservation between us
*1st call with unknown num*
"hello, where you celebrate tonight ah?"
(WTH?? 1st sentence is this??)
"erm..may I know who are you?"
"where you celebrate tonight?"
"mai ko kong liao la" (some noise beside him, in hokkien somemore)
"sorry, if you don't want to tell who you are, I think i just hang up"
"just new friendship you ma"
(hello?? your english is damn broken men!! gosh!!)
"I don't need any new friends"
"why? you not sporting good lo..."
(WTH again...I am so not sporting, so? F off la then...)
"ya, sorry to say that I am kinda fierce, good bye"
"so fast bye me meh...not wan say merry x'mas to me meh?"
-just hung up-
Ok, I thought it's ended
*2nd call with diff num*
"wan celebrate with me tonight?"
(WTH, why is you again?? Diff num???)
OK, I am not interested to have fun with this kind of lifeless people
so I just hang up again
*3rd call with diff num following up*
"why you close my phone? no sporting lo you... just want new friendship maaaa"
(Maaa your X meh....== i cant stand with your broken english anymore pls)
"sorry, I am busy"
" busy you say ma, don't close my phone laaaaa, want celebrate with me tonight?"
So this time, I don't give a damn anymore
Know what I did?? hahahahah
I didn't hang up, But I put my hp aside and let him talked to the air~
he keep talking, I guess I didn't reply anything so he shouted
I don't know what have he said at all
Just let him
then he hung up, finally it's ended
Claps~~~~ yeah yeah!!
Sporting?? Hello, so what I am not sporting?
I don't think that talk to a weird stranger is so call sporting LO
Psycho, if you are reading my blog
Please stop your childish actions
ehem...I bet you are not reading this coz you can't even understand any single word from here
Maybe you just can read those LO, MA, LAH
I am that mean de LAH, so? *roll eyes*

It's 3:45am now
Dear is not get home yet
Enjoying out there la ofcause~ LOL

Ciaoz guys
Continue my re-search section
*tik tok at 12*
Cinderella' D