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Friday, December 18, 2009

I see you

Insomnia :(
Cannot sleep well if I cannot get the new idea for the flier lahh
Deadline is coming soon
What to do, I will feel guilty if I know I didn't do my best even I've tried
This is my limit d?
I know it look nicer then other's
conclusion: I have a very high expectation to myself


this is so called designer's life
Advice to you guys who interested in designing
Please, think twice
Not kidding LOL

AVATAR is awesome!!!!!

The story line is common
DNA mutation, Pandora(a planet which has something unique), Human-Alien War...bla
But the way it presents is very awesome!!!
No doubt, it's the best movie I've watched in 2009 :)
"I see you"

Chill :)

Know what?
Everybody was looking at me yesterday when I walked around
I wore 4 inches high heels :P
It makes me look like a giant among those uncles aunties
Hmmm...I think I might know how Angelyne dear feels when she is walking in the public d*LOL

Just like Wow
I edit this post again and again
This is already the 3rd day I edit it

I fall in love to Super Junior-M out of sudden :D

I watched 100% Entertainment last night
Super junior-M was the artist for that issue
That's why! :P
They are so cute!!! Especially Henry and Si-Won 



♥ Aww my boys LMAO 

Time is running fast lahh weyy
Already Saturday! o.0
But It's not that worst la right, why?
Because I can meet my Angelyne dear on Sunday!!! 
Miss her miss her

She is having a show on Sunday
Ofcause I will be there to support her!

As I promised, I will give her the biggest support no matter what :)
*what should I wear for that day huh? hmm.....

Oh yea,
A small announcement here
Gamer's hideout (my dad's shop) is having a tournament tomorrow at tropicana city mall
Everyone is welcome to be there ya
to Feel the high-ness :)
It will be fun
It's too bad there is no any show girls LOL
photographers might be kinda disappointed about that
But pls la, snap something different also not bad la right?

Anyway, I will be there :)

Last but not least,
ALL THE BEST to KATOON NETWORK in battle-ground final

fight for the win k?
Kelvin, don't worry, I won't run away if you all get the champion :P

since when, I can be that cool 
p-p-p-p-poker face~
*tik tok at 12*