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Thursday, December 31, 2009

All about HTML*1

Ehem *clear throat*
Ready students?
Well, Today Ms. Daphne is going to teach you all "how to paste HTML from"

Just kidding
I am not qualified to be a teacher for that yet
Just sharing some tips here with you all
since kinda lotsa babes asked me how to do that

First of all, define the problem
Like what is the error code? or what is the error message?
From my experiences, error is due to the way you paste the codes is not correct
Wondering how?
let's begin our tutorial
I am not a hard-core blogger, know...
so I just did a little bit print screen jobs, to show you all the solution in an easier way

*Tutorial for HTML codes 1*
First step:

copy your codes

second step:

Go to your "template --> edit HTML"

Third step:

click the "revert to classic layout" (the red circle there)

Forth step:

Just paste it, then save.


Kinda easy right?
Know why some of you will get the error msg?
Because you guys did not click the "revert to classic layout"
So the HTML codes is not working
I learned it from mistakes too

Say Thank you teacher!

Perhaps it may help a little

Going off to Maison
*tik tok at 12*
Daphne' C