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Monday, December 28, 2009

Little Daphne

W-what-what cha say

Be daddy's little girl yesterday(sunday)
Whoever always follow my blog might know that why my dad wanted me to stay at home la right?
Well, my daddy a.k.a my previous life's boyf
He just kept playing his XBOX360, not even bother me *swt
So I online from 3am until now
Kinda bored :(

SMS-ed with a babe (you know who you are~)
First time to chat with her
We didn't chat much
But I hope what I said might cheer her up and give her more courage to go on
Looking forward to lunch with her :)
Babe, be yourself, ♥ yourself
No matter what've you decided, just stay tough for it
٩(^ω^)۶ all the best!

Did some research for the wedding-planner's stuff again
Looking for cinematographer
Found that -stillmotion- is doing well in that
But it's so bad that they are not base in local, they come from Toronto/California
thanks Ian for sharing this with me
Sharing is caring *heee
So I would like to share with all the photographers who read my blog
They are a good role model in photography :)

Here is little daphne
isn't she looks cute? :P
Yea, It's me and my daddy
He looks kinda "leong" that time HAH
Many people said it's not look like me
Only the dimples and my chubby face :)

Just get a call from an old friend
He is sick, hope he get well soon la ya

What's your new year eve's plan?
I am going out with my AngelyneDear :)
I gotta feeling wooohh woohh
that "that night" gonna be a good night

Ok, gonna renovate my blog again
Wanna add something :)
*tik tok at 12*
Daphne' C