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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am 18, going to 19

Happy New Year!!!
It's 2010 now~ woooffff
How was your new year eve?
My new year was awesome although it's short

I really salute to Msia government
Just simply block any roads they like
Made us turn a big round only can get into Maison
So I passed my 12am in car, what a wonderful night! :(
Aiks, whatever
At least I got to meet my hot chicks :D

I love them like 998574325262 times
Especially my Angelyne dear, she was so high siao~ LOL
Know what?? I can't believe that I dance on the stage, just like WOAH
My dear keep pulling me to the front and DEMANDED me "come, dance!"
I was like.....okokok..I dance I dance
Then I slowly shake shake shake to behind
AGAIN, my dear pulled me, "dance!"
But I like to shake shake (don't say my shake shake sounds lala pls~)
shake my boodie~~~ make the music louder~~~
FINALLY, I met my Hooi Yee dear and Evvon daddy, Nickman mummy~~
Happy family~
Had lotsa fun with them!! Muacksss

ok, pictures section :)

My favourite picture of the day~

See, we dance on the stage OMG..haha. spot me?

my dear kissed me~

I you

Ryan, dear's friend, a funny guy~ haha, nice to meet him :)

dear: I am so high~
Ryan: daphne, get high together la
me: how? I don't know how, emo me :D

Peng Lu~~ *did I spelling correct? LOL
Dear's friend too, tall and fair..hahah..a nice guy thou :)

Ryan: darling, kiss me pls pls
PL: honey, come, just kiss jek la

Kiss kiss!!! Don't jealous pls :P

Dear and Wai Yian kissing~ woooof..HOT

Evvon daddy, Nickman mummy~ we are happy family , huggie

ends~ I miss you girls!!!

It was too bad that I don't get to take picture with Hooi yee dear and Shin Lui babes, Hui shan, Hui xian
Next time k??
We must take lots lots pictures!!

Guess what
21 days to go :)

*tik tok at 12*