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Monday, May 5, 2014

I live for #selfie

What is selfie? A lot of people mistaken the meaning of selfie.

  1. a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

Yes, selfie is a photo that you took by yourself. A photo that taken by your friends is not consider as a selfie.

And also, there are various type of selfie such as selfie with pets, selfie with friends, selfie with food and selfie with nice scenery.

Okay, there are few tools to help you to take a better selfie but this is the most popular one I guess.
A selfie stick!

But for me, this is not convenient to bring it out with me. It looks quite ugly in a yea, this won't be my choice.

Besides the tools, I think a good camera is really important to take a nice selfie.

This is Samsung NX mini.
Samsung NX mini comes with a foldable screen which helps a lot when you are taking a selfie!

When I am using my old camera, sometime I took up to 50 photos to get a perfect selfie because I didn't know how I look in the photos so I have to keep trying until I get the best one.

But with Samsung NX mini, you an save up your time and battery life as you know exactly how you look with the foldable screen!

Here's a simple product specifications about NXmini

After 1 week of using it, I still have 60% of battery life left. Which is quite impressive.

Alright, it's pictures time!

Maybe you will ask why are we covering our mouth lol.
Because there are 3 settings when you are using front camera to take selfie
[Wink], [Smile] and [Manual].
So the camera will take photo automatically when it sense that we are smiling

-Selfie with friend-

-Selfie with bf-


-Group selfie-

-Not a very nice slefie (As you can see random items on the floor lol)-

-A better selfie (Less random items in the photo)-

I seldom take selfie nowadays because the front camera of my phone is not that clear and I realised that a low quality/purpose-less selfie can be annoying to the audience, so an advice to the girls out there:

Occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself everyday isn't necessary

and ofcause! Get a good selfie camera like Samsung NX mini to take high quality selfie so that everyone will be liking your photos on FB and Instagram!

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