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Friday, April 5, 2013

WeChat Party 2013

1 month of resting mode and now I'm back :) 

Have not attended any event for a long time and I was so lucky that I got an invitation to the WeChat 2013 Party at Neverland, thanks Careen (A hot bride blogger lol, read her blog here.)

Le me and my love :) I want the giant green bubble pillow!!
We only got the small one coz we were late :( 

Guess who's the emcee that night? ;) read til the end if you wanna know the answer, heeeee

And see who I bumped into!!!!! Maaaa Favourite Girls!!

WeChat really love their users, not only free pillows, free food and also free entertainment!!

And the most exciting part, game time!! Spot me :)

I didn't win the game but I got a prize as well! I love WeChat!!

Last but not least, join WeChat to keep in touch with your friends everywhere, anywhere!
You can also chat with WeChat's Ambassadors now, they are Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam,
add them up!!

Oh ya, before I forget, here's the answer! 

The Emcee that night! Mr. Rudy!!