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Friday, December 10, 2010


14days, another 2 weeks!

Any plan for X'mas? :)
No clubbing please, will be pack like hell -,- unless you can get the VIP area la
I prefer house party with close friends or a pool party would be nice too!! 

My Fb homepage is flooded with the news about the guy who suicide for his ex-girlfriend
damn annoying la, I don't get it! 
I don't understand why alot of people wanna spread the news around even the guys is already passed away
Commit suicide just because of a break up is nothing to be proud of
somemore there are alot of kids/teenagers using FB too
it's a bad influence for them
To his friends, he is gone, so just let it be, don't keep spreading the news like he did something helpful for the human -.-

oh ya, have anyone of you been to Uniqlo lately?
any sales? lol
it's time to shop a little for my wardrobe!
Paris girl style is the new love, say byebye to korean :)