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Friday, January 11, 2013

twenty-thirteen 2013

Happy two-o-one-three people!!

MANY bloggers blog about their life back in 2012
Am abit "kia su" so I'm here to blog about my december 2012 as well, ya, only December lol.

I spent 50% of Dec on working, 5% on X'mas and 45% on 甄嬛传
Fyi, 甄嬛传 is a drama from China (can be found on Youtube)
Am not a drama person but this is really really nice
if you guys have nothing to do during your free time, you may give it a try

alright, let me tell you how I celebrate my xmas last year :)

The boyfriend brought me to SnowWorld at Genting
It's super duper cold
My hands freezing and I couldn't feel my nose -.-
can you imagine that?
oh well, no photos allowed inside so I didn't get to take any pictures

#ootd #xmas

I think that's all for now
last but not least ;)