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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Food review: Vin's KL

hey peeps :)
I know I know,
it's quite a while after my previous post

anyway, I have something good to share with you guys here
as most of my friends know I love eating, just am on diet now, I have to stop myself from eating too much :(
really hope that I can achieve my target asap so that I can eat like normal again LOL
am still a food lover alright :)

went to a place with advetlets' last few weeks,
the food there is really nice ( aww, I miss the foods now ) and the service is nice too!
better than alot of so called high class restaurant :P
so here's it, the pictures

= this is how the restaurant looks like =

 = white wine, slurp =

= they have variety of alcohol! =

and here's the starters

Crumbed Scallops RM18.90
Pan-fried breaded scallops =

 = Brandy Prawn  RM18.50
Sautéed fresh shrimp served on crusty bread and tossed with Spanish dressing and brandy sauce. =
I love this soooo much!

 = I can't remember the full name of this one, but it's something similar to Nanchos :) =

Gambas al ajillo RM26.90
Fresh prawns cooked with garlic and chili olive oil, served with toasted bread =

next will be the main caurse!

Mogul masala pizza RM28
Marinated chicken cubes, with finely slice chili, topped with Greek feta cheese onions. Truly fusion! =

 = I love the fish! But I can't remember the name too :( but it taste really nice =

Salmon Cream RM28.90
Juicy grilled salmon cooked in a basil cream sauce seved on pasta. =
Highly recommend!

Spicy Lamb Bolognaise RM26.90
Fusion lamb dish, made in a spicy bolognaise sauce and flavored with fresh herbs and wild mushrooms. =
have you tried LAMB bolognese before? no right! you can get it over there :)

Air flown U.S grain fed ribeye steak grilled to your choice of doneness, served with potato salad, accompanied by salad and rich gravy. Please check for availability. =
this is my favourite!! imma beef lover :P strongly recommend this!

lastly, here's the dessert! Girls will love this!

The Elusive Chocolate Truffle Cake RM16.90 =

Please specify if you would like personalise your meal. They will try to accommodate your requests. :)

Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Feeling hungry after reading my post? :P
that's all for today, gonna grab some healthy snacks for myself
see ya~