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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fernanda's big day

finally I have more time to blog,
or I should say I have more time to do various things that I never try before :)
like travelling? yeah right! :3

alright, back to topic first

it's been 3 years! 3 years that we didn't have a full attendance gathering LOL
finally :) it's Fernanda's birthday, a leo baby girl
so we search around for a good dinning place, 
I think I almost finish all the food review that you could find on net
that's way too much to read!!
anyway, we chose Ben's at Pavilion
we love the nice environment there, the food is kinda tasty and not that expensive too
overall is just nice!!


I had alot of fun that night, I believe they did as well :)
let's have more gathering before we're getting old alright!!

Few of us changed alot but some of us don't
Frankly, I don't think it's a good thing as in changes always happened when people growing up
you didn't change means you never grow, does it sounds good?
nah I don't think so :)

That's all for today
Tomorrow will be a busy day
Rest early peeps, ciaoz