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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I got my new toy

hello peeps :)
trust me, I didn't neglect my blog
just that........I've addicted to my new toy - iPhone4, lol

add my foursquare if you have one too,
but p/s!!! I only approve people who I know ya

same like others, check-in here and there once I reach a new destination :D
kinda fun tho
and whatsapp is the best app for me!
pay only $0.99 per year then you can chat with friends for free, awesome

done with writting, photo-sharing now :)
all of them taken by the lomolomo-app from my iPhie

my puppy - ah man

4th lou sang with elton, nigel and etc 

 chilling session @the curve with roro,ben and etc

tada! cam-whore abit :P

Night world