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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Should have more writing in my blog

Holla Peeps,
someone complain that my blog is boring :(
so am trying to update as much as I can,
and write as much as I can too!

Just went to Velvet last night,
was a last minute plan
so yea, I din dress up and not even put on make up, lol
rush to Roro's place and get a super duper simple make up then head to velvet with her
me and roro were thinking that "finally we have came to a 'normal' world!" LOL
why we said so?
actually we have been to Marketplace one week ago,
(just in case you don't know anything about Marketplace, it's a place which fulled with guys but they are very happy in there :) )
Roro and me were so upset because we couldn't get any attention over there :(
no matter how hot we dance, they just don't give a damn 
and I have to say that some of them are really good in dancing, even more hiao than us
we are totally KO and being neglected
this is the FIRST time we feel so upset in a club........hahahha
惨不忍睹, 身心受创,一言难尽, 等等。。。。。。XD
but it's a good place to chill tho
the environment is good and the alcohol is kinda cheap,
the person in there is friendly too :)

-marketplace with roro-

okay, back to topic, velvet
roro and me were like the birds that just came out from the cage, lol
she was so exciting, I was like "errrr........" :P
anyway, it's a fun night and I really had a good time with the bunch
meeting new friends is the biggest benefit in club I would say

 -look, I already told ya, didn't dress up and simple make

-shake your body shake your body-

oh ya,
dear iPhone users, I just discovered a game that is really fun
you guys can give it a try if you want :)
the name is 'Run Like Hell!'
have fun ya

*p/s: more pictures at my facebook