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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The end of my CNY holidays

oh well, I have 7 days of holidays during cny but it's still not enough for me, lol
I want more :(
look, I not yet meet my darlings, not yet meet the hiao poh, not yet sing K, not yet genting, not yet sunway lagoon
but I get many ang pau :D so okay la, I should not complain so much

what have I done in cny :
- 3 times of Lou Sang
- visit HIS family at a nice place 
- visit Roro, nice meals I had over her place :)
- gained 2kgs, FML
- met with C.E, tried the Bitter lemon juice which is not bitter, lol
- dim sum with Haward
- met with high school mates, snooker session for sure
- Library for the 1st time with C.E

camwhore time!

 with miang roro :D

 This is the food that made me gain