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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January is a birthday month

Elllooooooo!!! *yelling*
Don't neglect me although I seldom update kay?

Am going to broke soon, I have alot of friends' birthday is on Jan
including myself :D
By the way, the first birthday party I attended for 2011 dedicated to Joandeedee :)

Actually I prefer this kind of chilling session with close friends 
rather than luxury & huge party
But everyone should have held once big party on their 21st birthday lah right?
21st birthday is quite meaningful for most of the people I think, 
because it's the age when one becomes a legal adult 
and reaching age-specific milestones confers particular rights and responsibilities. 

one more year to go to reach my 21st :)

18 days of 2011 passed away, 
I don't really have time to think about my new year target and how should I hit my target
my time is occupied, good thing? -.-

oh ya, when I talk about time
I recall something that made me (quite) mad

Few weeks ago, I should go for a casting at Damansara
the agent said the place is somewhere nearby Ikea, but it's actually hell far from Ikea lo please
some more I think he don't know how to give direction
"am in a cab now, how should I go your place from Ikea?"
"you go here here and there then turn here and there then you will see damamsara XXX shopslot."
okay, common sense
I thought "damamsara XXX shopslot" is the place where his studio located la right?
but when I reach there, I went down from the cab, I text him
"am already here, which block ya?"
"when you see the damamsara XXX shopslot, go further until u see taman XXX, nearby only"
"is it very far away? I already get down from cab, I walk to there then"
"okay, 10 minutes away if you walk"
-.-" walaueh!!! my fire is already up up up, 
hello!! do you know what is the time??? 12 noon please!!
big sun out there and that is a highway, how I gonna walk to your place thru a highway???
okay la, I admit is my problem la, am TUT. I can't blame anyone! ishh

Chinese new year is coming real soon
have a new hair cut or get you hair dyed is the tradition among Chinese :P
Thinking/Dilemma-ing what colour should you dye your hair? (me! me! me!)
Here's some info to share with you peeps when am doing research :)

The autumn winter season is generally seen as a time to all kinds of changes. 
When it comes to hair coloring is a topic that always attracts the most attention 
because it can be one of the most interesting changes. 
If you’re thinking about a new look, you can take into account the trends for this upcoming winter season 2011. 
This season it comes to choosing colors in natural tones, and that work well with your complexion.
The red hair is one of the most popular this season. 
These seductive and vibrant colors can create a mysterious and sexy look for women. 
While the natural red tones are the most popular, scarlet have not lost its popularity. 
Modern copper or mahogany tones are at the top of the list of colors. 
These colors have an incredible power to change the look.
The shades of brown can be a good option for most skin types, is also very easy to maintain. 
The most important thing is to keep these colors in your hair shine, to look radiant color. 
The browns also soften facial features. You can add light with lighter streaks. 
Some subtle shades of gold may look good in a brown hair.
The black color tends to complement an olive skin. 
Charcoal tones are also very fashionable. 
If you want a more extravagant look can take into account the subtle shades of blue or red tones. 
To wear these colors is essential to have perfect skin.
The shades of blond fashion will be the pearl beige and honey blonde or light gold.

Just in case is too long for you guys to read
I've made a conclusion for you all:
Fair skin - Go for natural red-tone colours, such as copper brown
Olive skin - Go for black

Personally I don't think black looks nice on me

Worked for the APT graduate show and my MUA changed my hair to black in colour
It's was like normal
so yea, I still prefer reddish-copper-brown XD

Thats all for this post

Advertisement time!!!
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